Premises Liability Las Vegas

It is the legal responsibility of property owners to maintain the safe condition of their premises – free from hazardous conditions. The failure to do so leads to damage and trouble for other people.

Potential hazards often lead to life-threatening situations, which causes victims to go through severe pain and loss. Premises liability cases can be further categorized into different types of cases. We often work with individuals who have been injured due to hazardous building accidents, negligent security, sidewalk accidents, slip and fall accidents, slippery floor accidents, and elevator and escalator accidents.

Whatever the type of premises liability injury caused, the attorneys at Brock Ohlson Injury Lawyers make sure that you are compensated for your losses. The compensation may include medical bills, lost earnings, and other related expenses. At times, premises liability cases that result from hazardous building accidents, for example, can overlap with other areas of the law and get complicated. However, our experienced lawyers investigate each case thoroughly and consider the circumstances of your injury to determine who is at fault and what damage they caused.

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