Broken Leg in Las Vegas

It’s wise to seek legal attention if you are suffering from a personal injury.

According to reports, both individual negligence and defective consumer products are reasons for personal injury, which causes physical and emotional harm to millions of Americans every year. Claims are often filed for accidents caused by negligence. Negligence can contribute in a number of situations—excessive speed and drunk driving being just a couple. Reports have highlighted that 27.7 million Americans visit the emergency room for unintentional personal injuries each year. Along with that, a shocking 121,599 people succumb to their injuries.

There are a number of different types of personal injuries that are sustained by individuals and for which they claim compensations. Some common injury causes are:

  1. Road accidents
  2. Misconduct of medical practice
  3. Defective consumer products
  4. Bites from animals, especially when they are not vaccinated
  5. Slips and falls

These can cause severe damage to individuals, both physically and emotionally. Many times these individuals bring their injury cases to attorneys to receive compensation for their injuries.  If you have faced such injuries or know of anyone going through a personal injury from a car accident or workplace incident, consult with Brock Ohlson Injury Lawyers for legal assistance. Call us for a free consultation today.